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Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!TE) brings the world to you, and promotes the Tanzania destination to the world, allowing you to explore a world full of opportunities, all under one Expo.

Every business that will be showcased in the forthcoming S!TE 2024 will be joining our unrivalled National, regional and worldwide network of quality tourism EXHIBITORS, INVESTORS and BUYERS who drive business opportunities from every corner of the world. The expo offers great Opportunities to all local and international tourism operators and investors to diversify their businesses and tourism products, promote new products, expand their business to new tourism circuits/new routes, grow their businesses beyond borders and increase profitability.

Before submitting your application, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the following:

• Criteria to Exhibit are set by Tanzania Tourist Board to ensure that products showcased at the exhibition are of highest quality and broadly representative.

• If you are sharing exhibitors you must consider your space with other complimentary products, be sure to read through Managing Sharing Exhibitors. Kindly be informed that, it is the duty of main stand holder to ensure that all requirements are met for those products on their stand.

• S!TE Floor Plans are available for you to view and accept your stand placement upon confirmation of exhibitor applications.

• In order to maximize your participation, please clearly specify your stand request on your application.


Registering for Your Stand

The key areas for the application to exhibit at S!TE 2024

1. Company and Contact Details – Exhibitors basic company information

2. Stand Requirements –Exhibitors booth size, dimensions, location, and optional, shell scheme package and table top option.



1. Click REGISTER menu item on the navigation bar found at the top of every page or REGISTER NOW button found on home page 

2. Click a button " CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM"  to download registration form

3. After downloading the form, fill the form 

4. Send the filled form to site.exhibitors@tanzaniatourism.go.tz or site.buyers@tanzaniatourism.go.tz for exbitors and buyers respectively



S!TE 2024 is definitely a platform for you to capture the fast-growing East Africa’s travel market, forge new partnerships and strengthen existing business relations with the most important players in East Africa and beyond. Travel and Tourism trade professionals across the following industry sectors will be represented within our visitors and exhibitor’s profiles:

• Domestic Airlines

• Regional Airlines

• International Airlines

• Tourist Attraction providers

• Travel Agents/Tour Operators

• Hotels and Safari Camps

• Business Travel/MICE

• Tourist Activity Providers

• Cultural Tourism Enterprises

• Arts and crafts suppliers

• Artists (performing art and craftsmen)

• Water sports and water transport providers

• Travel Technology and Safari Equipment

• Car Rentals and Car Conversions

• Destination Management Companies

• Tourism and Hospitality Educators and Researchers

The event will be held in October 2024. The date to be announced soon!

1. Each S!TE PARTICIPANT is advised to read and observe immigration entry requirements;

2. Each S!TE PARTICIPANT is advised to read the list of countries which are not required to obtain Visa to enter Tanzania (the list is available in the S!TE website and in the Tanzania Immigration website-www.immigration.go.tz);

3. Participants from EAC partner states are not required to obtain Visa to enter Tanzania;

4. Participants from outside EAC but whose countries have Visa abolition agreement with Tanzania are as well not required to apply for Visa;

5. Participants from countries which require Visa to enter Tanzania can apply for Visa Online or obtain Visa on arrival.

6. Participants who wish to apply for Visa Online are advised to read Visa Guidelines first (available in the S!TE website and Tanzania Immigration website-www.immigration.go.tz);

7. For those participants who will require Visa but they are due to travel in less than a week, they are advised to obtain Visa on arrival;

8. For S!TE participants whose nationalities fall under referral Visa category (check the list in the S!TE website) are not advised to apply their Visa online. Instead, they are required to get a permission letter to obtain Visa on arrival from the Commissioner General of Immigration through the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources.

9. Participants whose countries are not listed in the List of Countries which do not require Visa to enter Tanzania, are supposed to apply for Visa.

10. All S!TE participants are required to adhere to immigration rules upon arrival and while in the country. For any immigration assistance they can visit nearest Regional immigration Office or they can send e-mail to: info@immigration.go.tz

Below is a list of countries which have Visa abolition agreement with Tanzania. Nationals from these countries do not require Visa to enter Tanzania. However, they are required to complete immigration formalities at the port of entries. See Entry Requirements.

1. Antigua & Barbuda
2. Anguilla
3. Ashmore & Certie Island
4. Bahamas
5. Barbados
6. Bermuda
7. Belize
8. Brunei
9. British Virgin Island
10. British Indian Ocean Territory
11. Botswana
12. Cyprus
13. Cayman Island
14. Channel Island
15. Cocoas Island
16. Cook Island
17. Christmas Island
18. Dominica
19. Falkland Island
20. Gambia
21. Ghana
22. Gibraltar
23. Grenada
24. Guernsey
25. Guyana
26. Heard Island
27. Isle of man
28. Jamaica
29. Jersey
30. Kenya
31. Kiribati
32. Lesotho
33. Malawi
34. Montserrat
35. Malaysia
36. Madagascar
37. Malta
38. Mauritius
39. Mozambique
40. Nauru
41. Naue Island
42. Norfolk Island
43. Namibia
44. Papua new Guinea
45. Rwanda
46. Romania
47. Ross Dependency
48. Samoa
49. Seychelles
50. Singapore
51. Solomon Island
52. South Sudan
53. Swaziland
54. St. Kitts&Navis
55. St. Lucia
56. St. Vicent
57. St. Helana
58. South African Republic
59. Trinidad & Tobago
60. Turks & Caicos
61. Tokelan
62. Tonga
63. Tuvalu
64. Vanuatu
65. Uganda
66. Zambia
67. Zimbabwe

Below is a list of countries whose nationals cannot obtain Visa on arrival. These countries are termed as Referred Visa countries (category). Applicants from these countries are required to apply for Visa Online well in advance. They are further advised Not to start their journey or confirm their bookings/reservations before their Visa are approved.
1. Afghanistan
2. Azerbaijan
3. Bangladesh
4. Chad
5. Djibouti
6. Ethiopia
7. Eritrea
8. Equatorial Guinea
9. Iran
10. Iraq
11. Kazakhstan Republic
12. Kyrgystan Republic
13. Lebanon
14. Mali
15. Mauritania
16. Niger
17. Nigeria
18. Pakistan
19. Palestine
20. Senegal
21. Somalia
22. Sri Lanka
23. Somali land
24. Sierra Leone
25. Syria
26. Tajikistan
27. Turkmenistan
28. Uzbekistan, and
29. Yemen
1. Applicants who fall under Referral Visa category (check the list above) are advised to apply their Visa Online at least two months before their date of travel.
2. Each applicant must attach/upload a covering letter in his/her Online Visa application from his/her Host Institution which details the purpose and duration of his/her visit in Tanzania;
3. Applicants or host Institutions (for these applicants) are advised to countercheck the List of countries which fall under Referral Visa (from our website) from time to time as there might be some changes.
4. Stateless persons and Refugees who hold Vienna Convention documents are also required to obtain referral Visa prior to coming to Tanzania.
For further guidance/assistance please write to:

All foreign participants who wish to attend S!TE 2024 are advised to adhere to the following immigration requirements: 
1. They MUST enter Tanzania through designated (formal) Entry Points. Upon arrival; 
2. They MUST appear in person in front of an Immigration Officer with a completed and signed arrival declaration card upon arrival; 
3. They MUST show their passport or other acceptable travel document to an Immigration Officer upon arrival. The passport must have a validity of at least six months; 
4. Participants from countries which require Visa to enter Tanzania, they must show their Visa Grant Notice (If applied Online) or they may apply for Visa on arrival; 
5. For applicants whose countries have Visa abolition agreement with Tanzania, they should present themselves before an Immigration Officer upon arrival so as to be issued with a relevant Visitor’s Pass; 
6. For S!TE 2024 participants whose nationalities fall under referral Visa category (check the list in the S!TE website) are not advised to apply their Visa online. Instead, they are required to get a permission letter to obtain Visa on arrival from the Commissioner General of Immigration through the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources. 

Apart from the above immigration formalities, a traveller is supposed to observe health guidelines as provided by the Ministry of Health in Tanzania. Each participant of S!TE 2024 will therefore adhere to yellow fever guideline and Covid-19. Guideline (Travel Advisory No. 7 and SOP). Respective guidelines are available in the website of S!TE (https://site.tanzaniatourism.go.tz) and that of Ministry of Health.(www.ooh.go.tz) 

All S!TE 2024 participants are advised to obtain an introduction letter from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania, and show it along with their passports upon arrival.

All standard tent will include fascia tent stickers with company/organization name, electricity, provision for light holders, 1 table and 2 chairs for half tent (6X3) and 2 tables with 4 chairs for Full tent (6X6). Carpets are not included in any stand and must be booked separately. Food, Arts and Craft Tents include fascia board stickers, 1 table and 2 chairs only. All other features must be booked separately. Each tent hired under our package includes electricity for phone/laptop use (0.5kw), 1 table and two chairs and Fascia sticker name

S/N Exhibitor Space Price in USD.
1. Standard Tourism stand type (3.00 x 3.00m) 1280
2. Tourism supplier and Tent area (6.00  x 3.00m/outside area 720
3. Cultural Tourism stand area (3.00  x 3.00m/Foyer outside area 320
4. Arts and Crafts stand area (3.00 x 2.00m/Foyer outside area 220
5. Food and BBQ TentSs area (3.00 x 3.00m/Outside area 150
6. Tourism table area (1.40 x 6cm/Inside area 480


Recommended transportation options typically include taxis, ride-sharing services, and public transportation. Some events may provide shuttle services for participants. It's advisable to check with the event organizers for specific recommendations.

Accepted payment methods for registration and exhibition fees are usually outlined on the event's official website. Refund policies, if any, will also be detailed in the terms and conditions of registration.

Event venues aim to be accessible, but participants with special needs should contact the organizers in advance to ensure appropriate accommodations. Facilities at the venue may include restrooms, refreshment areas, and designated networking spaces.

Exhibitors often have various promotional opportunities, such as sponsored sessions, booth signage, or advertising packages. Details about these opportunities can usually be found in the exhibitor information provided by the organizers.

Recommended tourist attractions in Dar-es-Salaam may include historical sites, museums, and natural landmarks. Organized tours or excursion information may be available through the event website or local tourism offices.

Event security measures are implemented to ensure the safety of participants. Information about security protocols, emergency contacts, and evacuation procedures may be provided in the event guide or during the orientation session.

Post-event networking opportunities may include online platforms, mailing lists, or follow-up events. Event organizers may provide resources for participants to stay connected and continue collaborations after the expo.

Participants should check the local weather forecast for Dar-es-Salaam in October and pack accordingly. The dress code for different sessions or activities will typically be mentioned in the event guidelines or communicated during registration.

Be part of S!TE 2024 for the truly business potential