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Is the first-ever indoor international tourism exhibition to be held in Tanzania annually, attract and pulls a big crowd of tourist and travel trade stakeholders who managed to transact business contacts and interactions.

Before submitting your application, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the following:
• Criteria to Exhibit are set by Tanzania Tourist Board to ensure that products showcased at the exhibition are of the highest quality and broadly representative.
• If you are sharing exhibitors you must consider your space with other complimentary products, be sure to read through Managing Sharing Exhibitors. Kindly be informed that, it is the duty of main stand holder to ensure that all requirements are met for those products on their stand.
• SITE Floor Plans are available for you to view and accept your stand placement upon confirmation of exhibitor applications.
• In order to maximize your participation, please clearly specify your stand request on your application.
Registering for Your Stand
The key areas for the application to exhibit at site 2109
1. Company and Contact Details – Exhibitors basic company information
2. Stand Requirements –Exhibitors booth size, dimensions, location, and optional, shell scheme package and table top option.

1. Click on Register button found on all pages
2. Accept terms
3. Add Company details
3. Verify email address
4. Apply for participation

This is used as a guide when placing exhibitors as requested space at SITE 2019
1. Participation Information – This is required to support your application and submission to exhibit.
2. Comments – Submit your concerns or requests to the S!TE Organizers or the Selection committee.

Exhibitor is a company which registers and participate in the exhibition. The company must be in areas of - Airlines & Travel Agents
- Tour Operators
- Safari & Mountain Climbing
- Hotels & Resorts
- Eco-Tourism Camps
- Online Travel Portals
- Hotel Reservation Networks
- Theme & Amusement Parks
- Travel Insurance Services
- Supplier for the tourism industry
- Financial Institutions & Educational institutions
- Arts, Crafts & Interior design

The 5th edition of Swahili International Tourism Expo (S!TE) 2019 will be held from October 18th to 20th 2019  at  Dar es Salaam Tanzania’s, commercial capital city located along the coastline of Tanzania, focusing on inbound and outbound travel to Africa and is expected to draw hundreds of tourism and travel professionals from all over the world.

The application for private trip shall be supported by:-
proof of applicant's activities;
invitation letter, copy of inviter’s passport or proof of immigration status of the inviter;
permission letter from the employer if the applicant is employed or
a letter from the Ward Executive Officer/Sheha, where the applicant resides.
Application letter.

The application for employment trip shall be supported by:-
offer of employment/employment contract;
academic certificates of the applicant or;
relevant documents from recruiting agents/companies in case of non professional jobs;
a letter from Ward Executive Officer/Sheha where the applicant resides;

The application for the study trip shall be supported by:-
admission letter;
academic certificates;
sponsorship letter;
proof of payment of fees and up-keep if the applicant is privately sponsored;
permission letter from the employer if the applicant is employed and
permission letter from the parent or guardian to the applicant below the age of 18 years.

The application for religious trip shall be supported by:
invitation letter and
a letter from a designated registered religious organization responsible for the trip.

The application for medical treatment trip shall be supported by:
proof from a registered Medical practitioner or
a letter of authority from the Ministry of Health.

The application for sports trip shall be accompanied by:
a letter from the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) or the Zanzibar Football Association (ZFA) or
a letter from a registered Sports Association.
invitation letter.

The application for official trip shall be accompanied by:
a letter from the employer;
invitation letter and
employment Identity Card of the applicant.

The application for business trip shall be accompanied by:
a valid business license and Tax Identification Number-TIN;
a letter from the Ward Executive Officer/Sheha where the applicant resides.

The application for seaman trip shall be accompanied by:
contract of employment;
seaman discharge book;
academic certificates and
letter from the relevant Seaman Union
NB: The applicant might be required to submit additional documents as may be determined by the authority.

Yes, Foreign travellers boarding aircraft at major airports in the country will pay $5 while those on domestic flights will pay $2. The current departure tax for domestic flights is Tsh13,000 ($5.7) while international departure tax is Tsh112,101 ($49) per passenger (From October, 2018)

Come and be part of leading International Indoor Tourism Expo in East Africa for the truly business potential