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Swahili International Tourism Expo 2024 will  have a number of programs as follows:

1.Tourism expo, seminars and well managed hosted buyers’ program

S!TE 2024 has provided you with the perfect platform for professional success from connecting with the right vendors from Tanzania, and Regional Tourism industry.

2. Familiarization trips

This program is specific for the buyers. The post event program will be conducted later after the event to different selected destination 

3. Exhibition

4. Exhibitor & Agent B2B with pre esatablished appointment

You’ll optimize your time by scheduling appointments in advance based on your needs, and you’ll have great opportunities to network with your peers, colleagues, and professionals from around the world

5. Speed Networking in the state of art venue

Speed networking is designed to accelerate business contacts through facilitated introductions and conversations – at speed.  A common structure is to rotate all participants in quick succession so that each person gets the chance to engage one on one with as many people as possible in just a Three Minutes.

One of the programs that have been loved by the exhibitors in the S!TE  show is the presence of speed networking which has been done professionally in the state of the art venue. The participants are expected to meet and exchange business cards and build strong relationships with vendors from around the world.

Who can Participate?

Airlines &travel Agents

Tour Operators

Safari & Mountings lodges

Hotel & Resort

Eco-tourism Camps

Online Travel Portals

Hotel Reservations Network

Theme & Amusement parks

Travel Insurance Services

Financial institutions & Educations services

Social Networking and media Bloggers

Tourism Authorities & Associations

Local and International advertising Media Agency

6. Investment forums

7. Cultural village & Vibrant live performamce

 S!TE has provided a space for trained professionally cultural art center in Tanzania and regional to perform various traditional songs and traditional dances on all days of the exhibition, it is an opportunity for all people who participate as buyers, exhibitors or visitors to have fun with live performances from various cultural groups. Don’t plan to miss Exciting traditional performances, Dancing  and Drumming.

8. Nyama Choma and wine festival


Be part of S!TE 2024 for the truly business potential