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Why Exhibit

Our aim is quality more than quantity so S!TE 2022 is an opportunity to shine among the quality Exhibitors, Buyers, Investors and business visitors who will take part in our quality Travel and Tourism Expo. The cultural activities taking place within the Expo venue attracting all African countries to participate will make S!TE 2022 an inbound and outbound exhibition with distinction. B2B networking taking place in different programs is the nucleus of the exhibition. However, the cultural village will form eclectic heartbeat; with pulse that draws from the hidden treasures that lies within the continent. Come and be part of S!TE 2022 and benefit from well-arranged and managed programs;

  • Tourism Exhibition with 200+ Exhibitors from over 50+ countries
  • Speed Networking for exhibitors and buyers
  • Seminars and workshops with educative presentations
  • Investment forum with 200+ investors from all over the world
  • B2B networking events with buyers from all over the world
  • FAM trips to NEW tourism attractions to sample NEW PRODUCTS
  • Vibrant cultural village with energetic performances, Nyama Choma, local food and drinks
  • Kids Corner, face paints, safari ruffle and family entertainments
  • Networking in organized cocktail events


  • Exhibition stands are available in several categories, size and styles (Tourism, suppliers, food, arts and crafts) and in different sizes to cater for different participants’ needs. Companies planning to build and showcase their unique facilities will be given an opportunity to buy ‘an open space’ and do their creative construction as per terms and conditions.

Come and be part of S!TE 2022 for the truly business potential