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Travel Advisory


As of 3rd May 2021, you must enter Tanzania with a PCR negative test. You are also required to get tested before departure. You may be subject to a quick test or quarantine if you are coming from a high-risk country. Airlines may also have requirements therefore, we recommend you check with the airline and country of origin to ensure you are up to date with everything you may need before arriving and departing from Tanzania.
As of the 11th of August, The MoH has revised RT-PCR COVID Test to 50 USD instead of 100 USD, and Rapid Test shall now be free for travelers using ground borders/entry points. For travelers using airports, Rapid Test shall be charged at 10 USD instead of the 25 USD charged before. See Travel Advisory for all the important details..


COVID-19 Safety in Tanzania


Your safety remains our priority during S!TE 2023. Fortunately, Tanzania is very spacious reducing the chances of encountering the virus. Nevertheless, we have also put in various procedures to minimize any risk.


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