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Firoz Dharamshi


We attended the show S!TE for the first time in 2017. We were really amazed to see the set up and organization as the show was a world class travel show with tranquility. It was very professionally organized with good management. The show is a good platform to promote the Tanzania for domestic tourism and also for the overseas market. We would really love to participate in the show every year and will recommend to all Tanzania Tourism shareholders to participate

Mr. Gurjit Singh Ahuja

Tour Operator, New Delhi India

First visit to Tanzania, I have seen Kenya and Rwanda earlier, and wanted to explore the possibility of Safari Holidays and experience holidays in Tanzania.
I was Invited by S!TE 2017 and I think it is tremendous opportunity for me to understand the Tanzanian travel tourism product. I met with various safari tour operators, I have met with 8 transporters and hotels. I learnt about new destination, it is not just the Northern part; Ngorongoro, Manyara, Serengeti, and Kilimanjaro, but also Southern part including Selous Game reserves, Ruaha National Park and the Prestige Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. First visit to Tanzania and there will be many more in the future. Hopefully I can send my clients to Tanzania to experience the beautiful country

Mr. Peter Munyaka

Air Mauritius; Mauritius

I will be honest and say its been a pleasant surprise we did not know what to expect by the time we had to participate in the expo. But so far so good this is our second day and we have had quite alot of traffic through our stand and people asking more about Mauritius, people showing interest which is a good sign for us showing we are in the right market. If there is an appetite for us then we are in the right market.

We hope to follow through this as we have created partnership with stakeholders, as I mentioned before we hope to see nothing but growing going forward

Ms Jigna Shanghavi

Ramada Hotel; DSM-Tanzania

I would like to compliment the organizers of S!TE 2017 for delivering an exceptional event. The fair provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with tourism professionals and stakeholders to come together to network, share and expand our understanding of important issues, and look into the future as to where our industry is heading. Topical issues addressed by high quality keynote speeches, well-informed presentations, and interactive forums inspired motivation and dynamic interaction throughout the event. Congratulations again to all involved.
The fair also gave us the perfect platform to showcase our products and interact with people from around the world in related sectors. Looking forward to S!TE 2018, as it gets bigger and better by the year!

Salma Mnaro

Regional Sales Manager Serenegti Accacia Camps

This year’s exhibition was top notch & very successful, the Tanzania Tourist Board did a great job to make sure that the buyers who were welcomed in for the exhibition are serious buyer. The country did a good job because they brought prospective tourists in our hands so now ball is in our side to play it well and score

Charlotte Noel

Travel Rebel

It’s my first time in Tanzania, it’s great to meet so many new people that are trying to move their company forward to grow tourism in Tanzania in so many different ways

Napasnun Pasakrit

JS Mana Thailand

S!TE exhibition is just simply fantastic, it’s just fantastic I would say because it is a good chance for a buyer and seller to meet each other & having business opportunity to share ideas.

Kojo Bentum- William

Voyages Afriq Travel media

From last year to this year you can see gradual improvement in terms of participation, in terms of the business this year & these are real core suppliers in the tourism chain of Tanzania

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